By day I am a Graphic Artist and a running aficionado with my partner, Snoop Dog.

By night, I’m a comic reading, video gaming, internet champion, aka Emmpossible.

Emmpossible was created to show the world that you can still be your own hero while having fun, aka being a geek. While I am not certified to train people, I can give tips after being around the fitness world for years. And why not have fun as well as some motivation while working out? That is where “What It Takes To Be” comes into place.

This is also a place to share my enjoyment of food and geekiness. There’s got to be balance in your life, of course.

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The Emmpossible Geekdom includes: Adventure Time, Arrow, comic books (Marvel & DC), Cartoon Hangover, cosplay, Harry Potter, roller coasters, The Walking Dead, and video games (especially the Nintendo kind).