Geekout with Arrow

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 | 1:30 pm

You have failed this city… if you haven’t seen CW’s Arrow.


Arrow, from my own knowledge of comics, has a bit of a different spin on it from DC’s original Green Arrow. As long as you can except that (which, you should, 52-ers), it’s a great action packed show.

The show starts with Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, starting a bonfire with some show-off bow and arrow tricks that gets him off of the deserted The Island, that you learn more and more about through the show.

He picks up the ‘Arrow’ masquerade once he returns to his home, Starling City, and finds out how crime ridden is becomes. He runs into his partners in crime, Diggle, the bodyguard who was hired by Mrs. Queen to watch over Ollie but instead helps him fight crime, Felicity, the sassy and geek-personable tech woman, Laurel Lance, whom you’ll find to be at first understandable, to annoying, to oh my gosh get her out of here, and to nevermind, you’re awesome, and later on The Canary (but I’m not giving that story away).

You see a vigilante who does whatever it takes to get things done evolve into a respected hero.

Arrow Cast

What made me love this series is the dynamic between all of the characters. The way the characters develop together realistically (especially Felicity and Canary-but again, not giving that one away).

All of the side banter is also entertaining as well and gives this pretty dark show some light.

And don’t forget the cameos (who you’ll get throughout the show if you know your comics.)

My addiction to Arrow began several months ago while surfing Netflix. I was already into DC, but didn’t feel like watching Justice League or any of the other cartoon spin-offs. That is when I ran into Arrow, and decided, what the heck.

What happened was one episode turned into a whole season within the span of a week. Then I had to get caught up on season 2, and then wait ‘patiently’ for each new episode weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on what CW planned.)

Now, here I am after the season finale, waiting for fall. Those jerks.

Arrow Wishlist


  • Bracelet
    Every charm on this bracelet has some significance to the show. This is something you can wear out and about and can easily single out those who have actually watched the show to those who… Haven’t.
  • arrow-wallet

  • Wallet
    While this wasn’t made for Arrow, I feel like the Bow and Arrow pieces on this wallet are actually pretty cool. Again, this is subtle but nice.
  • Arrow Action Figures

  • Action Figures
    Come on. Who doesn’t want to create their own Arrow and Deathstroke fight scenes?