Geekout With: Bee and Puppycat

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube. A lot of stupid things, but a lot of great things as well. One of those being the web cartoon series, Bee and Puppycat.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Bee and Puppycat is a web series created by Natasha Allegri (the same great woman who came up with Fionna for Adventure Time.) Bee and Puppycat is about a 20 something year old, Bee, who has trouble keeping the same job for some time. After being fired from one job, she collides with Puppycat. Quite literally.


I don’t want to spoil too much for those who haven’t seen it, but Bee and Puppycat is honestly something the world needs. Bee, the main character, is cute yet not annoying and has all kinds of personality. She’s a girl who isn’t defined by her ‘sex appeal’ or what guys think of her. She can be goofy without being an airhead. She’s… Bee.


Puppycat is a character of his own. Sarcastic and mightier than thou, there is more to Puppycat than meets the eye.

A lot of people seemed to have the same opinion. See, originally Bee and Puppycat was created to be a 10 minute short all together. However, people loved it so much that a Kickstarter was created to fund the money for a longer series.


And it worked. $872,133 was funded for the production of the series Bee and Puppycat.

Bee and Puppycat Cartoon

With that currently in production, fans also have a chance to contniue following Bee and Puppycat in the comic book series produced by KABOOM! Comics.


The comics are a nice change from the usual thing you see from Marvel and DC. The fact that the text is handwritten adds character to Bee, Puppycat and the others.

Who can argue with Bee’s logic?

There are several different adventures (as well as continuing ones) you can follow in volumes 1 and 2. Volume 3 has a predicted released date of August 27, 2014.

Just don’t take too long. Or your comics will be gone. That’s what’ll happen. Ka-bow.


My Bee and Puppycat Wish List:
Puppycat Plushie
Puppycat Plushie
This is the same Puppycat I carried around for my own cosplay and is now sitting in my room. He looks exactly like his drawn counterpart and is very hug-able.

Bee and Puppycat Gloves
PUPPYCAT Fingerless Gloves
With Fall and Winter boo coming up, these would be the perfect gloves to keep your hands warm while keeping Puppycat on your person. I’m even curious as to if those small bells ring.

Puppycat GIRL Shirt
Puppycat Girl Shirt
Such sass. Much Puppycat. This shirt was actually drawn by Natasha herself and was demanded by the artist to be made into a shirt. And what the creator wants, the creator gets. I love the simplicity and sass of it.