100 Days of Geek Chic and Healthy: 3 Inspirational Women

Monday, July 28th, 2014

After seeing Ariel’s (Nerdy Birdie) 100 Days of Geek Chic and Healthy theme, I couldn’t help but be interested. Fitness and eating right have both been well established in my life (with a cheat day here and there, of course), but my inner-geek isn’t as strong as it once was. This challenge will hopefully step up my geek chic game with inspiration, and I hope to be able to inspire you with different workout and recipe ideas.

Everyone, no matter who you are, has at least one person you look to for inspiration or motivation. In real life as well as the video game and comic world there are several women that you can relate to or motivates you to be an even stronger individual.

These three are those girls in my life (complete with a matching workout outfit for that extra motivation outside or in the gym.)

Batgirl - Workout Outfit
Jacket \\ Top \\ Capris \\ Gloves \\ Shoes \\ Bag

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl)
Growing up, I thought comic heroes were cool and knew several by name. Beside that however, I never really got into the comic book world. It wasn’t until college actually that I somehow ran into the character Barbara Gordon who then led me into checking out comic books.

Barbara’s story is pretty inspiring. Not only is she one of two girls in the Bat family, but she overcame being paralyzed and jumped back into crime fighting. In October, she is yet again changing her story (and outfit) with creative team Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr. I am looking forward to this new “Veronica Mars, and Girls with a dash of Sherlock” storyline.

The outfit in general is perfect for the gym or doing parkour outside. Once you warm up, you can take off your jacket. The gloves are great for weight lifting, no need to worry about blisters on your hands. The bag is perfect to keep your items in while you sweat and then a good place to put your workout clothes once you’re ready to leave.

Amy Rose - Workout Outfit
Top \\ Shorts \\ Headband \\ Shoes

Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
It’s strange, but thanks to this girl I not only got into the world of role play, but was submerged into everything else (the larger world of video games as well as the internet) as well. One day when I was about 12, my younger brother asked if I would play Sonic with him. Having played the original Sonic the Hedgehog games I said yes, why not. Out came Sonic Adventure 2, and in multi-player there was a pink hedgehog. Amy Rose.

While some may find it strange that I find this love struck hog inspiring, the fact that she continues to go out and help the guys save the world despite being seen as “annoying” and left in the dust can’t help but make you a bit more interested in her character. Not to mention in Sonic Adventure where she decided after Sonic left her once again, she herself would help out her new bird friend who was in distress and took on a monster robot with her giant mallet.

This is a great summer running outfit, especially for those (like me) who have to deal with the heat and humidity. The tank top as well as the shorts will wick the sweat off while the headband will keep your hair back will keeping firm yet comfortable as you run.

Bobbi Gibb - Workout Outfit
Top \\ Shorts \\ Shoes

Bobbi Gibb
Before 1966, it was believed that women were not physiologically able to run marathon distances. Heck, at that point the longest sanctioned race for women was one and a half miles. Bobbi Gibb challenged that belief; she hid in the bushes by the start line and waited for a few of the men took off before jumping in and ran the Boston Marathon. When she finished, she was ahead of 2/3rd of the pack.

After the world saw this feat, it was demanded rules were changed. Thanks to Bobbi, women around the world can now race anywhere from a 5K to a full marathon.

For such an incredible woman, she deserves a fun yet functional outfit. Both the top as well as the shorts are great for running and keeping you cool while the shoes have chimachill technology that will keep your feet cool as well.