What It Takes To Be: Black Widow

Sunday, May 18th, 2014 | 8:00 am

Sometimes it’s tough being a woman in the comic book world.

For comic book characters and their fans.

Captain America II was full of all kinds of twists and turns as well as fight scenes. Chris Evans once again perfected his role as Steve Rogers, the strong, loyal and wise all-American hero. Sam Wilson was brought in for a smooth landing via Anthony D. Mackie. Sebastian Stan played the hard, cold Winter Solider to the tee.

And Scarlett Johansson gave the Black Widow more life and personality then any of the previous Marvel movies.

And obviously, this is because Natasha Romanoff is a spy and doesn’t open up to us until she’s around the Avengers for long enough to trust them.

In the movie, Natasha goes through the ringer several times. Yet, every time she comes back as a B.A. Sometimes it felt like these moments could have been overlooked by all of the other action going on, but for a human without any power, she was able to get over just about anything thrown at her.

She has brains, yes. That is one of her obvious traits that helps her through many obstacles.

She also has plenty of muscle to back that up.

Yes, in that small, shapely body is a lot of lean muscle that allows Black Widow to twist in mid air, perform the thigh hold with the greatest of ease, punch, kick and hold herself up with rope to avoid falling to her death.

Sadly, the misconception is that having muscle for women makes you bulky. Natasha Romanoff (and in real life, Scarlett Johansson and her stunt double Heidi Moneymaker) are proof of that is not the case. In fact, muscle for women makes us lean, mean fighting machines.

And it helps when you can show guys that yes, you can move that recliner chair all by yourself. That, and it may show some guys not to question your comic book fandom.

In order to build this muscle, you’ve got to figure out the areas you need to develop and how to work it out.


Black Widow Workout

Upper Arm: 12 Bench Dips
Cardio: 60 second Jumping Jacks
Chest: 12 Dumbbell Bench Press
Cardio: 60 second Jump Rope
*If you don’t have a physical jump rope, use your imaginary jump rope
Upper Leg: 12 Dumbbell Squats
*If you’re just beginning or getting back into working out, go ahead and just use your bodyweight on this one.
Cardio: 60 second jog in place
Core: 30-60 second Plank

- Repeat 2-3x

How To
Bench Dips
Bench Press

When you do any exercise (especially strength training), it’s highly advised that you keep an eye on your form. If there’s ever a mirror around that you can see your stance, use it. Poor form equals injury and injury gets you no where (but pain.)

You may also notice that I didn’t add how much weight to should use. It’s going to be different for everyone. What you’re looking for is something that you can get through 2-3 repeats, or sets, with but it needs to be challenging enough to the third set is pretty darn hard to finish.

Cardio is an important factor as well. If you’ve seen any of the movies Black Window’s been in, you know how much she runs or how she’s never out of breath after taking down a room full of men. Incorporating cardio into your strength training kills two birds with one stone.

I do advise anyone whose just beginning this to make sure through their doctor that they’re able to workout. While exercise is very beneficial and important for your body, if you’re not in the right condition you could end up worse for wear.

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  • http://yourfriendelle.blogspot.com/ Elle

    This is such a cool post!

    • Emily

      Thanks Elle! I thought some fun motivation should be around for others (because I know I felt like I could be Black Widow after doing that workout).