What It Takes To Be: Fionna the Human

Sunday, July 13th, 2014 | 12:51 am

Adventure Time

I’ll be honest… When I first saw commercials for Adventure Time, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to cartoons. The art style looked too simplistic and from what I could see, the humor was about the same as any other thoughtless, brain dead script cartoon I had seen around the time.


It was only after one of my college friends had made me watch it did I realize what I had been missing out on. I’ve even come to appreciate the simplistic cartoon style Pendleton Ward has shown while giving his viewers a humorous cartoon with even some intelligent points here and there (like making you think about the joke, and then it was funny.)

And for a cartoon show, it definitely has some pretty depressing episodes.


Not to mention in makes the foodie inside me smile.

Makin’ bacon pancakes~♪

After watching it a few times, I learned about Fionna, Ice King’s fanfiction version of his enemy and the main character of Adventure Time, Finn. After seeing her in the Fionna and Cake episode, I came to appreciate her character. Yet another girl who could hold her own, at the end saw she didn’t need a guy to make her who she was and could be funny without being seen as stupid.

I have been inspired so much by Finn’s alter-ego, that I have created a workout inspired by Fionna.

What It Takes To Be: Fionna the Human

Fionna Workout
1) Shoulders and Arms: Alternating Dumbbell Press, 12-15 reps
2) Cardio: Jog in Place, 60 seconds
3) Legs: Knee Tuck Jumps, 8-10 reps
4) Cardio: Sidestep leaps, 60 seconds
5) Core: Standing Cable Wood Chop, 10-12 reps
6) Cardio: Jumping Jacks, 90 seconds
7) Back: Bent-Over Two Dumbbell Row, 12-15 reps
8) Cardio: Mountain Climbers, 60 seconds
9) Chest: Dumbbell Flys, 12-15 reps
10) Cardio: High Knee Jog in Place, 60 seconds
Repeat each set 2-3 times

How To
Alternating Dumbbell Press
Mountain Climber
Knee Tuck Jumps
Standing Cable Wood Chop
Bent-Over Two Dumbbell Row
Dumbbell Flys

When choosing a weight for the dumbbell and machine exercises, make sure its something you can do for the number of repetitions (aka reps) and sets given. You want to feel like you worked something at the end, but you also want to make sure you get through it without killing yourself.

Cardio is mixed into this workout since Fionna not only has to be strong to defeat her enemies and save the boys, but has to be able to move pretty quickly as well. Mixing strength and cardio together makes for a workout that will keep your mind focused instead of lying in boredom.

Not only will working out help make you feel better, workouts like this one will make the Sandwich Dance feel like a breeze.

Sandwich Dance

Question: What kind of workouts are you interested? Do you have dumbbells or any sort of weight equipment at your disposal? Or is it you and the outdoors? Let me know!

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